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Quadcopter Build Check? Answered

I have recently researched and picked out parts for an entire quadcopter build. Would someone be able to tell me if all of these parts will be OK for a quadcopter build in terms of a.) if the parts will work together (I believe they will, but I am not 100% sure) and b.) if I will be able to do FPV with a Mobius Action Cam. Any and all help is appreciated, thank you in advance! (If I am missing anything important on the list please let me know also).

I will be building one out of lightweight wood.



Control Board:




Battery Charger: 

Power Distribution Board:

FPV Equipment:


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Best Answer 6 years ago

Radio: it is the same one I am using, works great but I don't really like it. You have to have a computer to change any settings, even channel reversing. I would go with a computerized radio, the orangerx ones are apparently pretty good.

Props: 9x4.7 should be OK for what you are doing, but don't get CF blades until you stop crashing. Get cheaper props to learn on and get lots of them. You need 2 CW and 2 CCW to fly. Any of these would work fine http://goo.gl/7LqRJy

Control board: Don't bother with a KK gyro based board. It only has gyros and will have a steep learning curve. You won't be flying FPV for quite a while with that board. Go with a KK2 or one of the clones, they have an accelerometer and have self level capabilities. They will be MUCH easier to learn to fly.

Motors: Should be OK, 980kv is in the right range for 9x4.7 props.

ESC's: OK, 20A gives you a bit of room to expand. Your motors should only pull 7-10A peak, so you have a bit of extra headroom. I am running 20A esc's with 10x4.7 props

Battery: Good choice, get 2. It sucks waiting for batteries to charge

Charger: Good charger, be sure to resolder the charge leads from 4mm bullet to XT60. The bullets on my charge lead were not properly soldered and didn't consistently charge the battery pack.

Power distribution: go with this one: http://goo.gl/R9KNg8 It has bullets and XT60, saves you the time of soldering all the bullets on.

I have no experience with FPV, you're on your own there.

You'll need male to male servo wires to connect the receiver to the control board and some M3 nylon standoffs to mount the controller and power distribution boards to each other and the frame. Add a female XT60 battery connector to the list to match the charger and power board.

Oh yeah, add some more spare props lol, can't have enough of them.


Answer 6 years ago

Thank you so much! This is extremely helpful, thank you!