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Quadcopter using 12V battery and Wood Screwers Answered

I’m currently attempting to rebuild the quadcopter demonstrated in the link below:


The materials I have are as follows:
• SMAKN Buck and Boost Voltage Converter
• 20 AWG Flexible 1007 Wire Electric wire 20-Gauge Copper Hook Up Wire
• 2300KV 2204 Brushless Motor CW&CCW
• 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery
• Carbon Fiber Propeller
• Digital Multimeter

Attempt 1:

We connected a motor to the 12V battery using clamped wire connects – there was a lot of sparking and the motor did not spin.

Attempt 2:
We connected 2 motors in series – connected the motors and the 12V battery to the buck boost convertor – which resulted in the battery smoking and the buck boost convertor burning out.

Can you watch the video and explain to me the wiring aspect to the quadcopter - I believe I may be missing necessary wires such as a female insulated connector that connects to a terminal wire which connects to the 4 motors in series but I’m not sure.


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3 years ago

I don't see "ESC" or motor drive controller in that list of parts. Hence you shorted the motor across the battery and it blew everything.


Answer 3 years ago

That happens if someone with no experience expects a Youtube video will show the truth about things :)
Weight is also an issue...
With a lead acid battery I really fail to see the need for a carbon fibre prop LOL
A wood or steel one would not really add much weight to the list...
Rick already gave you a nice link, but next time you build something you found on the web do some additional research before starting ;)