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Quebec participants Answered

Hello, I would like to know why people from the province of Quebec aren't allowed to participate in any contest?



7 years ago

The contest laws in Quebec must be different to the rest of Canada - there are lawyers working on making the Instructables contest boilerplate legal in as many countries as possible, but I don't know how far down the list Quebec is.


Reply 7 years ago

Check out some of the bullet points of what Quebec requires and things become even more clear.

It sucks that we don't do contests in Quebec anymore, but the government really needs to change their rules if they want to be included.


Reply 7 years ago

the thing is, the Quebec law prohibits gambling and chance games, I don't understand why a contest based on skill is prohibited. And btw, the Quebec government are a bunch of mot*****ers with all these laws and other shitty regulations. They control alcohol, tabacco, electricity distribution and all gambling be it in a casino or lottery is owned byt the government.