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Question: Best materials to build a meter height elevator (3 floors) Answered

I have a challenge, and that is, to build a 3 floor elevator. The main frame was built using 2mm carbon steel sheet and rivets, and painted blue. The frame, 950mm height, 250mm width. I thought of using doors (two halfs, opening to opposite sides).
What I'm lacking is:
• the motors to open the doors (already have one for the cabin, which is more sheet); how strong they need to be
• the doors; more sheet? They will be on the main frame. And, should the doors slide on a U like tube to prevent them from woobling? or use gear racks weld to the lower part of the door? And, how would I join the doors with the motors, pulleys and belts?.
I'm having stupid amounts of difficulty to view how I am to make the doors work.
This will run on grafcet, already done too. Just really only need to assemble the doors and its motors.


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2 years ago

I work for an elevator company and could probably help you out with some of these solutions. What is your time frame on this? Post as much detail as you can, do you have any drawings or photos of what your current plan is?