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Question about Flysky fs-TH9x Transmitter + Receiver? Answered

I plan on getting http://www.nitroplanes.com/79p-th9x-r9b-9channel-radio.html

I have a lot of questions relating to this transmitter and receiver:

1. Is this a trustworthy vendor
2. Can the transmitter/Receiver control heavy duty servos
3. What type of/how many batteries do i need
4. For the transmitter, Can I use http://www.walmart.com/ip/Energizer-NH15BP-4-Energizer-Rechargeable-AA-Batteries-4-Pack/14497459
5. Which battery do i need for the receiver
6. Can I charge these http://www.nitroplanes.com/77p-recharge-aa-2200-8pcs.html  ----- with an energizer charger
7. Will this work for the transmitter http://www.nitroplanes.com/77p-sl2650-4s1p-20c-4444.html
8. Where can i find batteries for the receiver?



5 years ago

  1. ?
  2. The ability to control servos and motors is dependent on the motor controllers you have to drive said motors and servos. The receiver only signals the controller to do it's thing.
  3. this answer is listed in the specifications of the transmitter. (8x AA)
  4. An AA is an AA
  5. if you haven't downloaded and looked at the manual for the system i suggest you do so.
  6. yes but if you already have the energizer why by a different brand?
  7. no, see #3
  8. see #7

Answer 5 years ago

thanks for the help

i'm still a bit confused about # 2

i plan on using the plane transmitter/receiver for a land robot that requires heavy duty servos -- i don't have/plan on using a motor control -- will the receiver be able to make the servos pull the weight?

in the manual it says an a/c wall charger will be included but i saw some unboxing videos on youtube and none of them had anything else but the transmitter, receiver, and an antenna

i will use the 8AA batteries for the transmitter but what do i need to use for the receiver -- i can't find the manual for it? --- the receiver mentioned in the transmitter's manual is different (it's fs-rh9x a 9 channel receiver ---- the one that comes in the package is fs-r8b a 8 channel receiver) --- in the manual it shows a drawing for a power switch, battery, and charger jack )


Answer 5 years ago

Maybe i'm wrong about the receiver. But without it mentioning any specifics i don't see how it's a one size fits all kind of solution. Different motors/servos will require different amounts of power. I doubt the receiver is set up to distribute that power to the motors/servos.


Answer 5 years ago

In general RC servos are intended/designed to work with RC receivers. Although there isn't an international standard most manufactures stick pretty much to the same areas.

I don't worry about buying servo from one manufacture and RX from another.


5 years ago

I have a flysky T6 ch.

  1. .?

2. If your driving standard RC servoes then it should be OK.

3. Batteries for what? If the rx, see 5.

4. If the size and voltage are correct.

My transmitter takes standard AA cells I would expect the same size
rechargeable to fit, some people have managed to get a Lipo in the
battery compartment but you may need to look around for the right size
and shape.

5. The receiver will need to be supplied by at least a 2 cell Lipo with a BEC to give 5 volts at the receiver.

6. You should be able to charge those cells with a Nmih charger OK. Lipo will be smaller, bigger capacity and not a lot more costly although you will need a Lipo charger.

7 if the battery will fit in the battery space in the receiver OR if your willing to leave it outside and extend the wires to reach then yes.

8. see 5 as for where I don't know where you live but the internet and search for Lipo is a good start. Remember you need a Lipo charger for them. Otherwise you could use a alkaline battery pack, 4 x C cells or 3 x C cells Most receivers will operate from 6 volts.

It appears that the image below says the rx is good from 4v to 8.4 volts. This is copied from the flysky web site.