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Question about a Jeep Cherokee, please help? Answered

hello everyone im new here but i would like to ask a question about a jeep i may purchase. I am going to show some photos of the jeep and i would like to get opinions on the jeep! There i rust on the top of the jeep i am wondering what i could do to fix this? Or if anybody had an idea of the cost to fix it? If anybody has any information about this that would be great. The pictures say it all but if you have any more questions feel free to email me. Oh i will also show you that the jeep from other angles,the price is $3,200 and its in amazing condition minus the rust on the top. Thats its, but thanks for the interest and help!



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11 years ago

. If it is just surface rust, it shouldn't be too difficult to hand sand or media blast. . Depending on your abilities, you may be able to DIY for a couple of hundreds of dollars. Most body shops will give you a free estimate.