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Question about an electronic switch? Answered

I am making a flashlight... I want the switch to power LEDs on one side when pushed in a direction and LEDs on a different side when pushed in another direction...
heres a diagram of what I have so far ( that is working)

now how could I add another LED in there that would turn on when I flipped the switch the other way?




Best Answer 9 years ago

What you've got is pretty good. Just do it again.

Run the positive of the battery to the center pin of the switch. Connect the positive lead(s) of one set of LEDs to the left side pin of the switch, and the positive lead(s) of the other set of LEDs to the right side pin. Now tie all of the LED negative pins together (both sets) and run them back to the battery.

The switch will only allow current to flow through whichever side is switched on. The LEDs on the other side won't have a current path back to the battery, so you don't have to worry about reverse bias.

You should use an LED circuit calculator (Google is your friend) to determine whether you need resistors and what size.