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Question about connecting arduino to PC. Answered

if this is the wrong sub for this question, but I'd like to make a chess board that moves the pieces after the move has been played on a touch screen (moving via 2 axes and a retractable head with a magnet under the board). I've got it mostly figured out as far as movement is concerned, but is it possible to connect the system to a pc in that it inputs human moves from the board to a program like Stockfish and outputs it's moves back to the arduino? appvalley

My main concern is that I would have to make a program that would take a picture of the board on stockfish and go from there as I don't know if the move logs can be extracted from the program itself. Thanks in advance. tutuapp


Joseph Consavage

20 days ago

You might be better off with a Raspberry Pi connected via a VNC.


21 days ago

Can't tell about stockfish but you can try, it may work.