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Question from the noobie :-D Answered

Noobie here again! now I can't find a 'able that showed cardboard cut-out monsters decorating the windows of a house. I thought it would be something cheap (I'm BROKE) and easy to do, and fun to do with my 8 year old. Any ideas of which it was?

I didn't save it in my faves...

Sorry if I'm a bit thick.


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9 years ago

I can't find it, but you should be able to do it without the instructable to hand - rough-sketch the outline on card, cut it out, paint it black and cut out the eyes.

Drape a red cloth over a lamp, stand the cut-outs in your windows and switch the lamp on.

(Don't forget to take photos as you go, so you can post your own instructable of it.)


Reply 9 years ago

Yep, I thought the same thing. I will, though I nprob won't go with the red lamps as here in Italy no one decorates and it might be just a tad too much for them LOL

I just wanted to show my kid to give her the general idea.
I'll post, promise :-)

Thanks for your reply!!!