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Question on inner workings of quartz watch Answered

I have a musical watch that keeps time but something drains the new battery for the music.  I thought most ($40.00 or so) quartz watches are the same on the inside.  Why would a watchmaker tell me the watch can't be repaired?  If it takes a second battery to run the music and "something" drains that battery why would it be difficult to find the what and fix it? 

Am I making watch repair too simple? 



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10 years ago

I am guessing that the music that comes out of the watch is synthesized by a sound chip and not really striking tines like a music box. That said, integrated electronics on a tiny circuit board, much more so with custom proprietary chips hidden by a blob of epoxy can be extremely difficult to troubleshoot if you are not the vendor. That is why when you send in electronics for repair, they will send you back a refurbished unit. They toss out the circuit board and just swap in another because it is too much trouble to figure out what can be wrong. Unfortunately these days and for that $40, it would really be considered a disposable item where the are lemons out there and it would cost you more to fix than to get a new one.