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Questions/ Answers filtering Bug Answered

I was looking for a way to help out and was checking out the Answers/ questions list.  I opened a number of the recent ones, and they all seemed to have good answers, so I filtered by Unanswered (tab).

It doesn't appear that the filter is working and removing things which have answers.  On the list screen you can see that they have answers and when you open them, the answers are there. 

The most recent one I could see that was doing this was posted 2 years ago, so  I'm not sure if they pre-date the filter so aren't  impacted somehow.  

Located here : https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-question/?count=100&sort=UNANSWERED

Tested in
  • Firefox 44.022
  • IE 11.0.27
  • Chrome 48.0.2564.116m



3 years ago

An "unanswered" question is one where the questioner has yet to select an answer as "best".


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks. I'd wondered that, but as I hadn't asked a question, I didn't see the ability to do that.


Reply 3 years ago


If you can encourage questioners to select "best" answers, or can think of a way to do so, that would be cool...