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Questions about how to make the daft punk table Answered


I am wondering how hard of a project this would be to take on.  A little information I have not built a great deal of things in my life and don't have any electrical background. I really want to make this though and have nothing but time at the moment. Does anyone think this would be doable without any knowledge of how to build LED boards and just trying to do it by the instructions? I only ask because I don't to go out and buy all this and than find out its way over my head, or also if anyone wants to give me a starter LED project I could try that first I just don't know where to find simple projects.  Thanks for your guys help and this truly is a amazing website.

Toby Mac



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9 years ago

This is a bit too complex for a first attempt. First learn how to solder. Then learn how to work with wood(do you have the tools already?). Then learn how to use PIC's. Then maybe try this project.