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Questions on the knex " not a rectangle" gun involving the barrel. Answered

So, I got everything else made, but im having some trouble with the barrel. One question is the peice in the middle is a BALL SOCKET  correct? Not a Y clip or a Ball pin thingy. The female Ball socket, correct? And then how does it go in there? Does it really just bounce around? Does it go long way, because it wont fit that way. Or does it go with the widest side toward the pin, or the narrow side? I havent seen a good picture of this area. Its either so dark you cant see in the hole, or too blury.

Then, the rail underneath the barrel, can it be made of blues instead of white connectors? I got a lot of blues, not many whites.

Last question, are there any mods that are amazing that you could point me to? I am using oodalumps pictures on KI to build this, so I have the stock version, unmodded.


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9 years ago

It is a female ball socket.
I believe it just bounces around in there.
And when I do it, I do it when the pin hits it, the pin hits the narrow side. I'm not sure if this part is correct though, because if I have it like this, the clips at the end (that snap onto rods) get knocked off, so I'm not the person to ask for this.

You should be able to do it with blue connectors underneath, I never followed the instructions directly, but I am still almost positive that using blue connectors won't interfere with anything.