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Quilt Magic Kits- Foam boards with laser cut designs, patterns & fabric - Great craft ! Answered

Great for gift-giving or a quick, lightweight and easy-to-make craft day!
Great for kids and adults.
Kits range from size 6" x 6" to about 15 1/2" to 15 1/2"  some odd sizes such as 9" x 19" as well.  There is something for everyone.
Prices range from $11 to $33
Check out the many designs available and email me at :  nosewcrafts@yahoo.com   for a free brochure!
It's just trace, cut & tuck.
It's like paint by number but with fabric instead of paint!
Full written and illustrated instructions come with every kit.
Kits are available for lesser cost without the fabric if you already have plenty of your own!
Check out my website at  http://www.no-sewcrafts.com


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6 years ago

Hi "nosewcrafts" are you still at same email address? I would like to contact you about getting a brochure. I am wanting to order full kits and begin making beautiful "Quilt Magic".


7 years ago

Really awesome you did spectacular work.so much creativity comes out from your art work.


Reply 8 years ago

Hi "mypinkrainbow" you can contact me at nosewcrafts@yahoo.com or 401-451-2557. I'll happily send you a brochure so you can choose a design! There are probably around 100 to choose from. Prices range from $10-$33 for complete kits! Thanks!