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Quotation marks cause problems in titles Answered

Hello all,

I've hit a bit of a problem with my latest instructable:


You may note that the title shown in the URL is Lady-Gaga-2.  The original title I used was:  Lady Gaga "You and I" Hat and Robot Arm.  When I went to publish, everything including the first " and beyond was deleted.

I changed it, moving the "You and I" to the end of the title.  It worked right for a while, but it seems to have vanished again.

Is this an actual bug, or should I just avoid using quotation marks in titles?

Incidentally, as of 11:04 this morning, this instructable is still stuck in the filters.  Can someone unstick it?

Thanks for all your good works!



7 years ago

It's a bug, which they're working on. I think you can contact Stumpchunkman for details.


Reply 7 years ago

Good to know, I searched briefly, but didn't see a similar question. Guess I should have been more thorough!


7 years ago

Thanks! I'll pass this on, and make sure the dev team knows about it.


7 years ago

I believe it is an HTML formatting issue, meaning that certain symbols are not allowed to be used in the 'file path' and the quotation marks are included as are switches like /