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R5, Bolt Action Carbine Answered

Hey guys! After the "rebuff" I received from ZakS and FlyingFish10 (and more kind comments from TheDunkis and Raz1r Knex Bull3t) about how my K'NEX Gun: Declaration (R2) looked just like a ZKAR (to which I disagreed), I decided to rebuild and heavily edit my K'NEX gun Declaration (R2), changing the body and mechanisms so heavily that the comparison between it and the ZKAR would be virtually non-existent. After about three days of hard work, I have finally come up with this gun, the R5.

With a brand new trigger mechanism and bullet transfer system, this gun is ENTIRELY different from any other bolt action gun you will find. While the bolt itself is heavily similar to the ZKAR / Zaktangle, almost everything else is entirely unrecognizable (except the magazine, that's a pretty standard yellow rod magazine).

  • Brand new trigger mechanism
  • Brand new bullet transfer system
  • Heavily edited (and improved) pin guide setup
  • Comfortable stock
  • Very reliable
  • New magazine setup, with magazine breach
  • Comfortable grip
  • Flip-up back sight
  • Great range: 50 - 70 ft.
  • Preloadable magazine
  • Internal magazine pusher
  • 12 rd. magazine (could be increased)

This version is by no means finished, but when I do finish it, I'll be sure to post a full set of instructions. Check out the image notes for more info.

Tell me what you guys think I should change or add to this gun. I'd love to hear your comments.

Quick Tip: When you have a magazine that is full of rounds try and make the last round different in some way, so that when you shoot the gun you know when the magazine is empty. This will prevent you from shooting the magazine pusher, and make it so that you don't have to keep track of how many rounds you've shot.

-The Red Book of Westmarch



4 years ago

I'm still wondering how they didn't just assume you independently came up with the design. With certain form factors there are only so many meaningful permutations that actually work. Great job on the remake man, that looks like it would stand up to even good turret guns in a war


Reply 4 years ago

I've built it, and I don't think it would work well in a war. The magazine doesn't lock into the gun sturdily enough, and the tip of the pin had a grey connector taped to it, so it wouldn't work smoothly. I did take his finished version,


and changed the internals out for the ZKAR internals. It was super easy, I didn't even have to change the frame. Now THAT was a winner. A unique looking gun that had one of the best handles ever created, pumping out yellow rods; man, it was sweet.


5 years ago

Umm, did you just say carbine like car-been?

Yup, 'cause that is actually how it is supposed to be said. Some say "car-ben" but that is incorrect, as the i makes the e long. I said it correct.

AHAHAHAHAH!!!! Both of those are wrong!! Ok, go here and click the speaker button for your lesson in pronunciation of the English language ;)

Isn't the 'ine' part said like in pine? 'Cause saying 'ine' like 'een' sounds silly IMO. Or is that just the Dutch in me showing up? :p

FlyingFish10dr. richtofen

Reply 5 years ago

Nope, you're right! Actually I just googled it again, and both -been and -bine are considered to be acceptable, it's just -bine is far more common and widely used. So, uh, yeah Red you don't really have to change anything if you don't want to

XD lol I even read that as "now" a day ago

that is so funny,

"the defiance is not posted"

XD im still laughing


5 years ago

hoping this wasn't intended to be used in a war setting

1) This is ZakS, and

2) Yes, yes he is. Want proof? Here you are, a comment posted here (scroll down the page to when you see a video of my Declaration, then read all the comments below that). The following is a comment made by Zaks:

"If you really want to "debate", we can have a talk over skype. We are
comparing plastic toys. Trying to sound as big as you think you are -- I
think -- is hilarious and embarrassing. I'll go ahead and roll my face
on my keyboard if this is how you think "debates" work, though. ;)


Before anything, I'd like to point out how I was the first person to
successfully make the entire mech behind that old toy, and those
important components are literally the same in your gun. I put the
pieces together, and you stretched them out so that they would fit in a
different, albeit crappier, shell.

- Every bolt action that
uses this pin/chamber-loading system is clearly based off of what I made
years ago. You are kidding yourself if you're going to try and argue
against that.

- Yes, mine was easier to reload. Bitz's version, which I took up, allowed you to load it without taking the pusher out.

- Your toy being "nice" can be nothing morethan your own opinion, since you are the only individual who has made/fired it.

- Many other people have made my gun, and few had any problems with it.
My version of it almost never failed. Perhaps you had trouble with it
because you have yet to actually put this plastic together.

"what is held within this comment" is the voice of an under-educated,
sheltered child who has yet to breathe in the real world.

Again, I'd be more than willing to talk with you and help sort out any
problems -- k'nex related or not -- that you're experiencing, sir.

Just don't mind him, Red. All he is (and I know him in his superiority will be tickled reading this) is an egotistical kid, now teen, that had a couple good ideas, took my bolt action concept I was working on with Solekiller (so I find it even more hilarious how he mentions everyone is copying his concept), and made it in with the KIers. He was actually a decent person but because he hung out with the KIers, he grew a bit of an ego. And I personally don't have anything against the KIers either. They were great builders and they can be fun to talk to, but they're just naturally internet geeks, people who have fun trolling. They worry more about function than aesthetics or fun ideas because that's what satisfies them. They'll be decent people and talk with someone if they have problems, they'll give credit where credit is due, but like any intellectual, they'll be prone to taking small jabs at others and laughing off kids that have a go at them.

In short, just don't pay them any mind and they'll go away.


Reply 5 years ago

Ah, I was always wondering why I never saw a very negative commenter in the knex-community like this one. Guess I was just a bit too naive to believe that that doesn't exist...

If I see someone's ball machine with an element or lift of mine, I feel so proud. This guy just says that everyone stole his idea and he and only he made the best gun ever. If I had invented that mech (and I don't even know wich mech you are talking about), I would be the happiest knexer of the world.

However, you're totally right: ignoring or answering politely is the best you can do to not satisfy a hater. Too badly this kind of people exists in this beautiful knex-community.

Sorry I had to say this, and I did my very best to stay polite (something what ZakS seems to forget sometimes).


Reply 5 years ago


Haters gotta hate! - There will always be some kind of hatred within a community, its a way of life.

10 4. I hear ya. Yeah, he is kinda like that, isn't he? Yup, I get you, and will give him more slack from now on, no matter how discrouteous his commetns are.


Not this version, no. For that you are gonna need to go the Instructable with the most recent version.

*Mouth left open*

WHOA! It is such an improvement over the previous. I hope it is not piece consuming! (I have 250 green rods; I hope it suffices)

Waiting for the vid!


Reply 5 years ago

I have enough green rods to make your R3... will it suffice? or do I have to order?

Knex Lego Maniac

5 years ago

looks sweet! Nice build Red make us a video!


5 years ago

Bruh, you spelled my name wrong! ;) Also, I really like this. It looks pretty fantastic. And with the stock, I saw KILLERK use it in his SRV3 before you and I thought that that was where you got it from :/. Apparently not. And having built your R3 I can say that yes, it is pretty dang comfy

XD, whoops. I am glad you like it. As to the stock, I've been using that LONG before we had picture proof that the SRV3 existed and used that stock setup (one of the first times I used it was Jan 21, 2013, months before the SRV3). Here's proof (see pic #5 of intro): https://www.instructables.com/id/G36K-V3/

Sadly, I had to take that stock part out of the newer version.


5 years ago

I don't really know why everyone seemed to have a problem with your declaration but seriously this is very different from zkar. Congrwdulations! You have avoided copying the standered of bolt action knex guns! Does it have removable magazines?

Regardless great gun, personally like the sizing of it. Short and sweet!

Yeah, I don't get it either, but all the same, they have a right to their opinion. Thanks man, I am glad you like it, and once I post it (with full instructions) I hope you build it and tell me what you think. As to the removable magazines, you should have checked the pics, there are pics that SHOW YOU THE MAGAZINE OUT OF THE MAG WELL. XD

Again, I'm glad you like it!