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R/C Blimp Z-Axis? Answered

If I wanted an R/C blimp, I could control the direction easily enough with propellers, but how could I control vertical ascent/descent?

Is there, perhaps, such thing as a pump small enough, yet strong to regulate the helium pressure? (Compress to/from something like a CO2 cartridge?)



1 year ago

Thanks for the comments so far. Seems that that's far and away the most popular solution.

Also, now that I think about it, I wonder about a small peltier unit to cool/warm the inside air?


1 year ago

In general RC blimps are made to be either slightly heavy or slightly light so the engines can be used to power them up or down.
Slightly heavy is easier to handle.

Don't think you will have success in pumping water.

You can drag a rope or chain as it touched the floor it will get lighter.