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RC Car Battery Powered Portable USB Charger! Answered

I recently decided that I wanted to build a "USB Battery Pack" for charging my USB devices, like my phone and camera, on the go, however, I'm pretty new to this stuff. Like, circuits and DIY electronics. So...I need help. Like, very detailed help.

I have two batteries from some old RC cars.
They're Nikko brand, 9.6 volts each, and they look like this: http://www.batteryspace.com/ProductImages/rc-battery/rc96v700h220.jpg
I also have the connector for them, with the red and black leads coming out.

What I'm wanting is charger to have is 2 USB ports, an On/Off rocker switch, an LED for On, and an LED for Low Battery.

But I have no idea where to start, what to buy, or how to connect what to buy.

So I'm asking here. There have been plenty of tutorials for usb chargers on here and Youtube, but none close to what I want to make.
If the batteries I have wouldn't be as efficient, please tell.

If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it!