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RC Noob Answered

I've never done much work with RC control, and i want to build a little rc car with tank steering (2 motors, one on a wheel on each side so steering can be accomplished by which motor is on).  I know I need a transmitter and a reciever (I dont know specifics of each :P).  All I know is that i want to PWM the motors and control with 2 home made H-bridges (motors require max current of 30 amps, so commercially made ESR's are too expensive) and control it via rc.

I just really dont know what im looking for in the rc world.



The Skinnerz

8 years ago

30A is a lot of power to either be on or off, especially with skid-steer, seeing as a pair of 30A motors @ 7.2V will get a fair sizes truck such as the traxxas E-Maxx up to nearly 30mph, and can wreck a fairly heavy duty drive train, even with a slipper clutch and protection from the speed controller. I would reccomend conventional steering, and at least a basic PWM speed controller.


8 years ago

I too am new to the RC or more accurately the RF(Radio Frequency) control area, but I have found something that so far is suiting my needs. Check out http://www.hobbyengineering.com/ They have a lot of nice kits and I this you could get a working model going with the 4 Channel transmitter. It basically activates relays that could be set up to tell the motor to run forward or back. Since you need a heavier relay, you could swap out the ones in the kits or use the ones in the kits to activate larger relays to handle the loads you are looking at. The down side is the way the kit is set up it would be an on or off signal, but it would be a relatively inexpensive place to start.