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RC helicopter Hirobo XRB with pics now!!!! Answered

I have a Wireless remote control twin blade helicopter for sale. This is not the cheapo mini copter you see on Ebay. This is an hirobo XRB, cost me $400 new still have the reciept. Comes with xtra rotor blades, remote, Lipo batterie. I have cut some of the plastic away to make it lighter in weight. The X and Y axis are adjustable on the heli and the radio. It flew great 1 year ago, The blades are a foam composite, ( you can buy carbon fiber ones online.) The colars where the blades mount are broken, so if you want to use it as the heli you have to purchase new ones from Hirobo, couple bucks I assume. Twin roto design ( no tail rotor ) this allows you to take everthing off including tail boom and jus tfly the little silver box in the center if you wanted to. Or you can use it for whatever you want to, everyone in this community is quite creative, I however am not. Someone can build some cool stuff with this. $100 OBO


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