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RC transmitter/receiver technical questions Answered

I have a few questions regarding the data rate of normal RC transmitters.

Roughly how often does the processor in the transmitter scan the inputs?

Each individual channel only operates at around 50/60 Hz, can this easily be increased?

I've heard that there are digital servos operating on a frequency significantly higher than 60Hz, do they still operate on the same 60 Hz input?

How noticeable would a refresh rate of 5Hz be in the position of the servo when it is in use on a performance model (i'm told that a program the executes in 1/10th of a second appears instantaneous)?

Can a 100% duty cycle pulse be supplied to a servo to make it move faster, if the correct position signal is supplied when it reaches the right place?

Thanks for any replies.

(does anyone know where to find the pinout for the nvidia gt330m graphics card)


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