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RCX Brick Conundrum Answered

Hi, I want to post a lego hot chocolate stirrer, which is easy to clean and works well. I need to know, however, if you mind not knowing the rcx program code. I can not find the program transmitter, so I do not know the program code. I am sure it is fairly simple, as it is only a touch sensor that is used as a button to rotate the motor. I am using the code that is already on the brick and I really want to post it. I had already made most of the video before noticing this snag. Please tell me what you think and I would be extremely grateful if you did not post this idea before me. Thanks and Happy New Year!



12 years ago

At school - for a feedback course... we used a piece of software called Interactive C (we were using version 4). It automatically uploads firmware and downloads libraries so all programing can be done using C...

It appears to be free :)

Interactive C

I've never installed it - we just kinda started it, then got to work :p