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RF Radio Frequency Amplification RC Car with HMC478MP86E Answered

i found rf amplifier up to 4.0ghz,it called HMC478MP86E right? My rc car use 2.4 ghz tx signal,on the datasheet,2.0 - 3.0 ghz the output is 16 dBm,the seller told me parallel it to make the output signal stronger. The question is what the dBm output after parallel? is it 32 dBm? its 1.4 W wow :D,is it right? sorry for my bad english :D

fyi,im make fpv car so i can play it from house with the camera



3 years ago

1. Send car out on it's own = lose it.

2. Max power is limited by law.

3. You will be better off using a better antenna, Directional antenna or boosting the sensitivity of the receiver.


3 years ago

The seller told you bogus.
1. Messing with the TX power in almost all cases meansyou will violate some laws in regards to the use of radio frequencies as these power levels are regulated.
2. If you need better distance use the car outside the city and away from common WiFi stations.
3. Usually it is a far better option to use optimised antennas ;)