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RF remote Microcontroller etc? Answered

So I found this remote control deal


For the past few months I've bounced around the idea of using a hacked remote to turn the lights in my room on and off. This, however, makes hacking stuff a non issue.

However, I still don't know how to make the remote communicate with a microcontroller. The one I linked appears to have an antenna, which is undesirable, but could become an option if nothing else. I also would like to see if I can find a similar control that uses infrared.

Right, so, Basically I want a remote that sends a single signal to some kind of Microcontroller. When this signal is received, I want the microcontroller to emit a single pulse to toggle a latching relay to turn my lights on and off. Where should I look to find ideas or buy parts? I already have an Arduino, but I think I'd rather build a knockoff for a permanent circuit.

So thanks in advance.


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8 years ago

So basically you will need to buy the remote and a compatible receiver unit like this one. As you can see the receiver unit that comes with the remote has a relay on it. The relay can handle up to 125VAC @ 10A so it will be able to turn any light from an LED to a typical house light so long as you live in a nation that uses 120VAC. Now you may need a little more circuity that just that since the relay will only activate for as long as you hold the button down. So you can wire that relay to your Arduino like it's any normal push button switch that have the Arduino actually turn the power on and off.

To help make it easier for the Arduinot to control the light source you may want to get one of these. Its basically a solid state relay that the arduino can easily turn on and off with a 5V signal thus giving you control over whatever device/light you have plugged into it.


Answer 8 years ago

America FTW!

So It looks like this remote has a momentary setting. That's good. If I could find a latching relay (To Google!) it looks like I'll be able to modify the module to accept the latching relay. And It needs to be SPDT. Should be interesting. Thanks.