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RFID Project...Arduino or something else? Answered

Hey all,

I'm working on putting together a project in the next few weeks and was looking for some advice. 

I want to have different objects play different videos or animated gifs on a tv based on which of the objects are placed near a sensor. I've seen that there used to be products that did exactly that (http://www.nearfield.org/2008/09/rfid-peripherals) but most seem to be off the market now. 

My thinking at this point is to use RFID tags on the objects, then have an Arduino or Mac Mini (if software and peripherals are available that I might not have found yet) send the command to play the video, then output it to a TV. I only have a few weeks to learn/assemble the components though, so the simpler the better. My assumption is that if there is a Mac based solution it may involve less steps, but I am open to learning Arduino if that seems to be the better route, and if I would be able to accomplish my goal in a short time frame. 

At this stage I'm looking for suggestions/advice from people who may have done something similar in the past who might be able to put me on the right path.



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5 years ago

There are USB RFID readers. Seems likely a Mac could utilize one.

Some backend programming would be required...true for any solution, I reckon.