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Hello, can anyone help me design an RFID reader which can tell me when something is missing. I would like to build a reader for my file cabinet. I know this is hard but the reader will have to keep reading the files by maybe pinging and when a file is missing from the cabinet an LED will light up and maybe a small readout telling me what file is gone. Cabinet is small only 300mm so if anything is more than 300mm away from the reader it will light up. Can anyone help?


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5 years ago

You might do better with something similar to those security gates to prevent shoplifiting in stores. When you pull the file folder out of the cabinet, it has to pass through the RFID reader. This tutorial might helo https://learn.adafruit.com/babel-fish

There is no need to constantly read every RFID tag unless you need it to secure each of the items. That may be difficult or confuse the reader in one mass of RFID antennae stickers. The other thing to do is to have each folder keyed to a switch or sensor on the spline and a contact strip where the folder is docked would sense the status. Good luck.