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RFID query: Programming RFID lock to accept "pre-existing" RFID chips? Answered

I have no prior programming skills, and only a basic understanding of RFID technology. As my initiation to Arduino programming, I would like to build an RFID door lock/catch. I know you can buy RFID tags to program the system to accept, but can you also program the reader to accept other items you may have with an RFID chip? I'm not sure what other components might be in place to prevent that from functioning. Disney has RFID chip embedded bracelets, for instance which are used for a variety of things around the park. 

They way I imagine the programming is that the reader reads an RFID and then records that ID to accept? Is there much more to that?

Apologies for my ignorance at this point. Thanks to anyone for their clarification!


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7 years ago

the reader and decoding software have to be able to read and decode the data on the chip.

there are multiple types of RFID encoding types and multiple protocols. so, assuming that the other things that are around are using a standard encoding method then you should be able to use them.

if it's some oddball encoding then it might be a little more difficult.

of course, if you can read raw output from the RFID reader, you don't really have to decode the TAG, you just have to program your software to look for the raw data and do a match in your program.

there's also hardware compatibility as the RF in RFID stands for Radio Frequency...so your reader has to be able to communicate on the frequency of the tag otherwise it won't work.


Reply 7 years ago

Superbly explained. Thanks for taking the time!