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RGB LED controller chip? Answered

Does there exist an IC, which can flash RGB LEDs? I really like auto-flash LEDs, but I would like to have several LEDs flash (and change colour) in sync. But auto-flash LEDs, have different flash rates. Is there an IC, which can flash several manual control 4-pin RGB LEDs???


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Best Answer 11 years ago

im not sure about just an ic, but the system i use is an arduino and a rgb led with a built in microcontroller. The led thing is called a blinkm and costs about $15. You program the controller using the arduino, and there is a graphical user interface to design the blink pattern. the leds are reprogrammable also. I was able to make my blinkm to blink out binary code for ZEROGX... it was pretty tight.


11 years ago

you can find circuit with similar chip in some keychain toys + you get small leds too the chip in there is directly on the board under a splash of plastic and cannot be removed. but you can cut the board around it to have only that part (carefull to not stress the chip)