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RGB controller issues trying to control RGB LED Answered

Hello, I am trying to control a few 4 pin common anode RGB LEDS. All I want to do is be able to switch between colors. I purchased a 5v LED RF strip controller to see if I could get that to do it but it just cycles constantly between all colors and wont work properly.

I am looking for the most basic way to control these LEDS. Everything I have seen on these uses Arduino to control them. And I have no experience with Arduino or how it works for the moment.

Radioshack sells the perfect example of what I am looking for. The 5mm "7 color blinking LED" they sell changes colors when the power is cut to it with a momentary switch. I am using 0603 RGB LEDs but would like this same effect or something very similar. The LEDS they sell must have some sort of built in controller in order for it to change when the power is cut? If so what would that kind of LED be called?




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6 years ago

You don't need a computer to light up some LED's.

The datasheet for the LED should tell you the voltages and currents they need.

For 12V use a very common resistor used is 470Ohm based on the 20mA most LED's use.

Since you want to keep the LED save you add three resistors to the positive contacts of the LED, negative straight to negative of your power supply.

From the positive you go with a simple switch or push button to the resistor - one switch for each LED color.

If you need different supply voltages you can either calculate the resistor yourself or search Google for "LED calculator".