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RIFD / WIFI locator? Answered

Does anyone know a system or how to construct an RFID / WIFI based locator system?

I would think that an old dual antenna wireless G router could be used in combination with an RFID tag.  So when the tag is moved to a new location within range of the router the location will be saved or displayed on the computer screen.  

I thought that having a system like this would be great for keys, animals, phones, babies, pills, etc.  

Here is one example application:

Where are my keys?  - open the web browser and retrieve the approximate location where the keys were last moved.  They are in between the sofa cushions. 



5 years ago

Most RFID systems are short ranged. Those that are long range either have a rather large reader or use and active RFID tag. But neither RFID or Wi-Fi are able to track location. Best you could get out of either tech would be a direction. But the tag would have to be actively broadcasting a signal.

Your best solution here is an existing key finder system like this one. Push the button on the remote and the tag on the keys sound an alarm.