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Are the finalists announced in the robot contest include the judges prizes ? 



7 years ago

They seem to be running behind. It does say that winners would be announced on the 20th, but it simply says now that "winner's will be announced soon".

To see the prizes, open the Robot Contest page and click on the "Prizes" option, or use this link.

As far as who won, we don't know yet.


7 years ago

have you gotten an email about the announcement or checked the contest page?

Yes judging ended on the 19 but it typically takes a few days before they announce the winners. You can keep checking back to the page or just wait to get a message and an e-mail announcing the winners have been posted. If you are a winner you will get an email and a message soon after about winning. Soon after that you'll get a message asking for your information so they can send you the prize(s). Even then it will be a few weeks before the prize is shipped.

Be patient. They haven't forgotten about the contest. It just takes time. Especially when a sponsor is involved in the judging.