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Radio Mod? Answered

I would like to mod a handheld radio (or even a analogue tv but radio would be better) to get to listen to higher frequencies than normally available.
I'd Like to hit the 1420Mhz mark approximately but with little electrical engineering or architecture experience, I'm not certain how?
Which might make a TV easier to get there as UHF covers that right? (still safer to play with a battery powered radio than a 240V powered one)

I figured there is someone out there with the ability to figure out what components need changing?
The variable resistor that tunes it perhaps?

If you'd rather post an instructable I'll follow that or just tell me what needs replacing with what?

Any Ideas??



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6 years ago

you can always buy a rtl dvb-t dongle on ebay for $20 and use the free sdr sharp receiver. it goes from around 24MHz to 1700MHz depending on model. am fm ssb cw. even plugins for trunk tracking, plane transponder decoding and many others.....

check out




throw away the antenna it comes with and either buy or make an adapter for bnc, sma, etc antennas

i'm about to post an i'ble on one that includes some extras


6 years ago

It may well depend on what you want to listen to. At UHF frequencies there are several methods of modulating the signal. A receiver intended for TV may not be suitable for your application.

A normal FM radio isn't going to go that high with a simple adjustment and changing components will require some test equipment you may not have or be able to use..

Not an easy task for an amateur - Easier to loo for a commercial receiver that operates in this band.

This is L band territory the 21 cm hydrogen line.


may help you


6 years ago

Does Australia outlaw listening to certain AM frequencies like the USA.

Otherwise our Radio Shack used to sell radios to listen on many bands.

Hacking a radio for near bands can be as easy as adding an extra pF capacitor in the right place.

But going far from design frequency is usually unworkable without a rebuild of the front end through to the IF !