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Radios emitting constant hum? Answered

I have a set of walkie-talkie radios that I keep stored in their charging base, the base is unplugged and the wire is coiled, there are no headsets attached to the radios, and they are always off, they are motorola 23-mile range radios, this information might be relevant, but here's where it gets weird. For two days one of them would emit a constant hum for about 2 minutes, then stop, then it would start again about 30 seconds later. The hum got slightly louder as you got closer, but seemed to be coming from everywhere, making it very hard to track down,  . Remember, there was no power to either radio, and the power switches were off. Does anyone know how on earth this might have occured?Because this might make a fun prank if I can figure out how it happened


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Best Answer 8 years ago

It may be from a cell phone tower somewhere.
My external pc speakers are powered by a wall wart,
and I could hear interference when an incoming cell phone call
was happening.
Also when no calls were coming in , I would hear speaker stuff too,
and I assume it was just cell phone updating .It was annoying
to hear it when I was trying to sleep,and just turning the speakers off
did not help. I had to unplug the power jack at the speaker/amp
unit.This fixed the problem for the most part, but once in a while I still get very faint interference on the speakers when they are unplugged.
It might be microwaves from cell phone, wireless router,maybe even pc
that are causing your interference.
Might even be something coming from your neighbors.


8 years ago

Sure its the radios? Sure its not a near by wall adapter humming?

You could have some sort of soft short happening inside the radio.