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Rainbow Play Systems - Tube Slide Instuctions/Help Needed! Answered

Hi all,

I recently acquired a used 360 corkscrew tube slide that was a part of a Rainbow Play Systems playset. I'm planning on building a fort/play/swingset for the kids, and attaching this slide, but would like to find the original instructions so I know the proper deck height for the installation. Also, it seems like each of the slides 6 sections have the bolt holes labeled (A, B, C, D, etc.), and I assume that they should all be aligned (A with A, etc.), but this isn't the case for each section. Perhaps the previous owner put it together wrong, or perhaps there are different alignment configurations based on the deck height where the slide will be installed and/or how extreme the drop in the slide should be.

If someone has one of these sets and slides, and can either share the instructions, or even just look at your slide to see how the letters are aligned, it would be greatly appreciated.


PS - Here's a link to the slide:

Option 19F - 360 Tube Slide



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5 years ago

The company has a toll free number to call on their website. They should be able to provide a link to the instruction manuals. It should be easy enough to just test fit your tube configuration with 2 bolts and start connecting them together. I would make sure all the bolt holes are used when finalized. It may take some help with another person on a ladder but a fun puzzle to put together. Build it laying down and lift it upright to gauge the height needed. Good luck.