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Ramset 22 blank loads - fired from a derringer 22 short? Answered

Will the Ramset propellant damage the gun? or does it depend on the power level of the Ramset?



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

11 months ago

The loads you are asking about, are , I think, intended for driving nails into concrete walls, or similar tasks,


Available in three "power levels," namely: 2, 3, and 4.

Yeah. That is a rather vague specification. I still have not found any real data on how much powder (in milligrams) , or energy (in joules), that is.

Naively I would kind of guess that any blank cartridge would put less stress on the gun, than would a cartridge pushing an actual bullet; e.g. 22 LR, or whatever cartridge that pistol is intended to fire.


However if you really want to err on the side of caution, I suppose you could, carefully, pry open the end of that cartridge. Then dump the powder out of it.

That way, only the primer would go bang when it is fired.