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Random Characters when trying to connect to wifi..? Answered

I put in my Wifi Information then upload it to the board but when i test it through the serial Port I get a weird array of characters. This is what comes up... Any suggestions?

rdlܞ|⸮d⸮|⸮⸮l⸮b|⸮⸮⸮⸮{⸮b⸮c⸮p~⸮N⸮lon⸮⸮⸮#p⸮⸮#l {lp⸮o⸮⸮l⸮⸮co⸮|l⸮⸮c⸮⸮nn⸮l⸮⸮l ⸮no$ or⸮⸮⸮N⸮⸮⸮lr⸮⸮N⸮⸮`rےol⸮|⸮⸮ ⸮{⸮n⸮b⸮n#p⸮