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Random raising and lowering led bars like a graphic equalizer?? Answered

I'm interested in doing a project which would just involve having a series of mounted LED bars, probably between 8 and 12 LEDs per bar, which would light up to random heights from low (bottom) to high (top) repeatedly. I want to create the effect of a graphic equalizer on a larger scale, as a kind of wall decoration. No different colored lights or anything required, I'm just planning to use white lights and colored gels. 


I am primarily an artist, and have only done minimal work with small electronics, and I've never really created a circuit board, so I'm really not too familiar with the terminology and the ins and outs therein. I've found certain articles about blinking lights and oscillating lights, but nothing quite like what I am looking for *Unless I've missed it, in which case I apologize)

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



2 years ago

You get spectrum anylysers or equalizers as circuits to be stitched into shirts and similar.
Just check Ebay for some of them.
If size is a problem then in most cases it is still possible to replace the LED array with something bigger, especially if you buy a kit and opt for bigger LED's with the same current rating.