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Raspberry Pi 24/7 Panda Cam Answered

So I'm trying to make a birthday present for my girlfriend and something for her new apartment. She loves pandas and loves to watch the 24 hour live panda cams at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

So I came across the idea of using a raspberry pi and a digital photo frame monitor to give a live feed of the pandas 24/7. Only problem is, I didn't realize Rasbian doesn't support Adobe Flash and there's no way to view the feed.

Does anyone know if ARM Linux would support the feed. Or have another completely different take on a way to tackle this project? I want it pretty seamless so all see has to do it plug in the power supply and maybe an Ethernet cable and the rest be taken care of with a python script or something similar.

I program for a living as well have a degree in Electrical Engineering so even if its complicated let me have it. I appreciate your help. Thanks!


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6 years ago

Just need to use a different Linux variant that will run Flash. Here is a list of compatible distros.


Not sure you'll be able to convert an LCD picture frame into streaming a video.

I think an old netbook off ebay would do the trick. Still gives you the small form factor without having to do any other modifications. Then you can run any OS you'd like.