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Raspberry Pi Zero Dedicated Console Answered

I have written a small 15 Puzzle game in Java—the only programming language I am fully comfortable with. I’m satisfied with the game itself and would like it to have a simple platform on which to play it rather than it just being a .jar on my computer. I would like to make a small handheld with raspberry pi zero just to run the game on boot and let that be that. I plan to use a usb encoder to map the buttons, so I don’t have to worry about programming the gpios with Java (as I have found this to be a bit of a hassle). I would love any ideas or assistance regarding the best way to play the Java program on boot and maybe a way to effectively shut down the handheld without potentially corrupting my microsd. Any other neat ideas or tips for the project are also, of course, quite welcome. Thank you!


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11 months ago

I guess you are aiming for somthing like this but with a screen instead of TV connection?
There are several "gaming" solutions available for the Pi.
Most aim to emulate other platforms though.
But the base of the should be still usable for your project.
Have a search for Raspberry pi game console and you should find enough inspiration from the free community ;)