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Raspberry Pi and android surround sound Answered

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to use a Raspberry Pi as a bluetooth surround sound transmitter, and multiple androids as a bluetooth speaker? Is there a plugin card for the Raspberry Pi that can transmit to multiple bluetooth devices at once if the device can handle splitting the audio in the first place?

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Best Answer 4 years ago

Not sure you can make an Android phone use Bluetooth audio input on it's speakers. Not sure why you would want to. Speaker quality is rather poor on those things. Be better off using multiple Bluetooth speakers for this.

I'm sure the Pi will need some additional hardware to be able to manage a surround sound audio signal, break it up among multiple Bluetooth adapters to send it out to different speaker sets. May be better to start from scratch. But sounds like a great project that could lead to a business making kits or selling a final product for portable surround sound. Be pretty neat to have a little box that you plug your audio into and it can turn a pair of Bluetooth speakers into your front and rear Left and Right channels. Give it a built in sub and you have a flexible 4.1 surround sound system.


Answer 4 years ago

Thanks. I was thinking of using old androids as bluetooth speakers with an app like this. I would use an official speaker for base though.