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Raspberry Pi questions Answered


I have some questions about Rasberry Pi.

1. Is it hard to get a working power button?

2. Do you have to press any key when the Rasberry boots up every time?.
   I mean on a keyboard..

3. Can I connect a SATA dvd reader?.

4.  Will the dvd reader work with Rasbmc ?

5. Can I use my Android phone as a remotecontrol?.

6. Can I use any pc remote control for it?.

7. Is it hard to install Rasbmc ?.

Thanks alot!.


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6 years ago

the easiest way to do a power button is to just intercept one wire on the power cord with a switch (any simple SPST switch)

depending on what OS you're running and the configuration, you can have it log straight into a console or boot directly to X without any interaction

fairly certain PI doesn't have a sata port. there are some clones that do, or you can get a sata to USB converter/enclosure. easier to find a USB DVD drive at that point

maybe, assuming whatever dvd player you're using has drivers in the library...it probably will

this would likely require external software

can't answer this one directly

I've not installed rasbmc, but I'd imagine it's just like any of the other images...pretty easy as long as you follow the instructions