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Rat/Rodent extermination? Answered

 I live in South Africa, and checking Lifehacker and Instructables I get no joy on searches with either of these terms, I am wondering if you States siders have them?




7 years ago

Since I have always had cats around outside I have never seen a rat here. Actually anything smaller than a cat is pretty much lunch. I have seen 2 squirrels in a time span of about 15 years and the last one was running for his life as a kitty was closing in. Everything eats rats, at least everything that is bigger than them, so encourage your other wildlife to lend a hand, or paw or fang. Foxes love mice and rats. eagles, hawks, snakes, all will make a meal of them if given the opportunity. That may not help you if you are being overrun at the moment, but if you can get them back to where they are manageable and let the predators take over they might just keep things in balance. I found a big bull snake, about 4 feet long under my car the other day. I pulled him out by the tail and set him loose in the grass. He is a natural rodent killing machine. Always welcome them and they will help out.


Answer 7 years ago

thanks, Iwould love to get a cat, sort of like a cheetah size:) however I also have dogs, 2 Rotti's and 2 x spaniels who don't get on with felines, also to persue this avenue could well result in divorce!!


7 years ago

We get rats a plenty in the UK but most people don't see them (often).

In general poison is the preferred route although some rats are getting immune to it where it is used a lot. Of course you need to take precautions to make sure that:
a) pets and other desirable animals don't get to the poison and
b) that they don't eat the dead rats.

The next best option is probably trapping them although they are famously crafty and shy of traps.

Here in the country side I go out with an air gun and shoot them in farm buildings. patience and a good knowledge are required to know where they are and when to hunt them. A good terrier dog will fetch back loads of rats where there is a good infestation.