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Rate % Answered

It's a suggestion for rating and info user page . When you locate the mouse on a user face , you can see the feature % , best answers % , .... .
Why we can't see the "Rate %" ?

I think is a helpful way to know how much is the affection of people to this user's instructables . For example you can put a percent for rating . 0-100 % . or more ways .

I want to see your look about my suggestion .



8 years ago

The % Featured is the proportion of Instructables which are out of all.
The % Best Answers is the proportion of Best Answers out of all Answers given.
What ratio / proportion are you thinking of?



8 years ago

I think that's because it is a system not many people pay attention to. I for one almost never rate. Why? Because I tend to forget or simply because an instructable should be rated by the viewer himself not judging by others.

For example, the KNEX'ers regulary bring out contests where the winners get a subscribe, 5 stars on all ibles etc...

How can you take this rating system seriously when you know it's handed out as a prize?

You want to know how people see if an ible is good or not? If it got featured and how many views it has received.

Because alot of views means that sites other then this one have linked to it because they liked it alot and that alot of people visited/revisited the ible to check it out.

I'm not really for the rating system and as far as I'm concerned it can be removed. I believe many members on this site agree with me because as the system works now it's not really an indicator of how good an instructable is....


Reply 8 years ago


As a generality, the rating system is either ignored or abused; "subscribe to me and I'll rate all your ibles five stars".