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Ratio Hornblower Answered

I'm attempting to make a stuffed Ratio Horn Blower from the Smile Time episode of Angel 5:14.   He looks kinda Grimace but I can't find a sewing patern for either.  Right now I'm working with a teddy bear pattern and putzing around with that any advice would be awwwesome.  http://buffy.wikia.com/wiki/Ratio_Hornblower  A sample picture.  Thanks in advance



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9 years ago

how large will this be? maybe make a small one you like then up the dimensions I swear i have seen something that looks like that before although IDK what. I am not keen on a sewing machine but to me that reference picture looks like it is rather simple the body is oblong the arms are simple no fingers or toes. the head is round with a round top not thingy and the bottom looks like a teddy bear. so I think starting with a teddy bear would be great then once you finish the legs make the body longer and same with the arms I think that will be the hardest part next the head in which the nose looks difficult but in all it looks very similar to a teddy bear with no bear features.

as for the above post IMO the method used to make the bears muzzle would work to make this creatures hair or head bump (idk what that was on his head) other than that to me the panda looks like it would only work for the head for this specific model.