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Rc Servo motor trouble! Answered

I recently took apart a RC Jet Ski. Within the Jet ski there was a servo for the rudder.

I Need to know what wire leading up to the RC servo motor do? (green and brown). If I were to take the wires and use them on something else what shall I control them with? My first thoughts were that sending an electrical current though the postive, would make it turn one way, and by the RC control, electrical currents could be past though postive and negative to make it turn left and right.

I know what all of the other wires.




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Best Answer 11 years ago

Its odds on this is a conventional model servo. I can't vouch for the wiring colours, but you will have a supply line, a ground line, and a reference line expecting to see a 20msec period, variable duty cycle pulse train - the WIDTH of the pulse determines the movement of the servo. 

There are loads of circuits on the net to drive them.