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Re-categorizing Furniture 'ables by function rather than alphabetical? Answered

I'm beginning the process of doing some pretty major remodeling projects in my home, and was looking through the Furniture category, in the hopes of finding some ideas. Maddeningly, it's arranged alphabetically by the title of the Instructable!


That makes zero sense, unless you are looking for an 'able whose title you already know. I mean, honestly! -WTF is a "20KRKR", and why would anyone think to click on it to find an 'able for a *rocking chair*?! (

https://www.instructables.com/sitemap/instructables/furniture/ )

So I'm wondering how one could go about either re-organizing the category, or providing an alternative browsing structure based upon the actual categorical function of each piece of furniture. Taxonomically, this should not be a problem. Seating is seating, lighting is lighting, work surfaces are work surfaces, etc., and each could logically be subdivided. For example, the Lighting category could be split into Task lighting, Area lighting, multi-function lighting, and Seating could be divided into Group seating (sofas, love seats, etc.), Single seating (arm chairs, side chairs, stools, etc.), and so on. I think that this would be vastly easier to use than the current alphabetical structure.

Any opinions pro or con? Any suggestions as to how to make this happen? Is there anyone at Instructables whom I could contact and propose this to?


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2 years ago

Everything on the site is categorized by a top level category (Workshop) and second level channel (Furniture). We have discussed adding third-level divisions, but thus far have decided it is better to keep the classification more broad.

I think part of the issue here is that you are browsing using the sitemap, which is a structured layout text view of the whole site.

If you were interested in browsing more visually, I would recommend this page:

You can sort here by recent, featured, popular, views, and contest winners. It still won't give you the granular classification of furniture you have requested, but it will give you a better browsing experience and let you sort through the content more easily.