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ReadySet Specifications Answered


Charge Input Specification
Solar Array Voltage: 16-60V
Solar Array Power: 5-75W (up to 5 of the Fenix solar panels in parallel)
Solar Power Algorithm: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Note: Due the characteristics of the battery, the charge rate is limited to a max charge power of 30W regardless of available solar power. If energy is being drawn from the power ports while charging, the ReadySet can convert up to an additional 30W of solar energy and provide it directly to the outputs (bypassing the battery) for a total of 60W of solar energy conversion.

AC-DC Brick
Normal Power Brick Voltage: 16-19V
Normal Charge Power: 20W
Normal Charge Current: Charging is constant power, current will vary based on input voltage

High Power Brick Voltage: 20-60V
High Charge Power: 30W
High Charge Current: Charging is constant power, current will vary based on input voltage

Charge Source Qualification
Once voltage is detected on the charge input, the ReadySet qualifies the input to determine what type of source has been attached. Voltage is measured and current is pulled from the input source to determine its stability and characteristics. If measured characteristic match those of a solar array, MPPT is enabled. If not, constant power charging is assumed and charge power is set based on the open circuit DC brick voltage (per previously enumerated AC-DC brick supply specs). The brick included with the ReadySet Kit is rated at 18V, 1.3A (23.4W).


Charge Output Specification
CLA Output

Voltage Range: 11.5V - 15VDC (nominal 12VDC)
Current Limit: 6A±0.25A combined (approximately 72W@12VDC)

USB Output
Voltage Range: 4.75V - 5.25VDC (nominal 5VDC)
Current Limit:  2A±0.1A combined (approximately 10W@5VDC)
Note: Upper USB port is configured to signal 1A charge capability for Apple devices


Battery Specification
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 9Ah
Chemistry: Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid
Max Charge Power: 30W
Usable Energy: 54Wh
Note: Usable energy is intentionally less than the full battery capacity to protect the battery from deep discharge and extend the lifetime of the battery.


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