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Real-Life Angry Birds slingshot! Answered

Woah - these chaps used a stick, a couple of off-the-shelf sensors and a USB prototyping board to make a real slingshot that will actually control a game of Angry Birds!

I believe the "youths" who are "down with it" would refer to the final device as "well wikid".

They've even been so kind as to provide full instructions, parts lists and code, just so anybody who wants to can make their own!

Kudos, chaps.

What would be really awesome, of course, is if they joined us here and provided a proper Instructable... ;-)

(Image taken from http://mbed.org/cookbook/Slingshot)



7 years ago

A little (angry?) bird told me that there might be an Instructable on this coming up in the future, though Mr mbed is pretty busy at the moment getting the Cambridge makespace up and running.  Watch this space!


Reply 7 years ago

Cool (I did drop them a line when I posted this topic and invite them to post an ible).


7 years ago

As nice as this is, I believe China had something a little bit more impressive a while back.