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Really Bad Movies Productions; Impromptu Acting Answered

Okay, these videos probably need some sort of context.  Here's the context: my friends and I make script, film, and edit really bad movies in our spare time, and I am in a few of them.  I thought I'd share them to you in all of their 'one-take-is-all-we-need' glory.  The last video, 'Flagellant Affliction,' was scripted and directed by me, and it is truly, truly awful.  My name is Andrew, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who I am in these if you look in the credits, but I can give you a description: I'm the one with the raging acne and reddish-brown hair. (Cool Instrumental EP by KILN).

-Dark Owl


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6 years ago

Two thumbs, way, way down then? Look up the ibles to build a cheap camera stabilizer to steady those walking shots. You last movie has kinda a Monty Python style to it. Figure out how to mike better, sound capture is pretty rough. All kinds of weird accents I'm hearing there but probably not from the bad acting. Keep it up, as long as you are having fun making movies.