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Really Mini Shocker? Answered

Hi all, I am looking to build a really miniature, low-output shocker device and I've come a bit stuck. The instructables that I have see here all seem to dispense shocks of about 400v and I think they are too painful for what I have in mind, though I don't really know (if you know better then please tell me, you may make my life easier :) ). I'm looking for the device to be able to deliver no more than a distinct nip, and be about the size of a Cr2032 cell. I also would like a miniaturised power source like that. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and point me in the right direction as to parts and where to get them (I'd like to salvage as many parts as possible because I'm on a tight budget). Thanks in advance to all who reply.



9 years ago

If you want something weaker you could try makeing the wires thicker or longer. This will slow and reduce the electrical current because it is spread out. You can try this by wrapping wires around each other. 

I am just the man for you step right up and listen to what HIVLTGE1 has to say!!!  If you want a low output shocker thatn I suggest you crack open a grill lighter ( you know those lighters with the long black end) get the ignitor part, it should be attached to a blue wire tkae it out and put the blue wire on target and press the button its no bigger that a AA battery and feels like a static shock no batteries!


10 years ago

take a look at some 555 timer circuits...and use some miniature transformers. What you have to do is back feed a transformer with a pulse. I made a motion sensitive shocker once out of a 9 volt battery, a 120 to 12 volt wall transformer and a small homemade switch that would vibrate back and forth when moved to make and break the connection between the transformer and battery...shocked the person with about 90 volts, enough to get their attention...


Answer 10 years ago

I am unwise in the ways of electronics as of yet - could you explain a bit about back feed a transformer with a pulse or suggest a website I could learn from? And basically everything else in the first two sentences :)